Sunday 6 August 2023

Holiday reading

We're back from our cycling trip through northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden. On the way I learnt that Denmark is nót flat, well not to flatlanders like us anyway! We came back a bit early because of the rain, but we plan to take another little trip starting next week. When you are a 'pensionado', as we are called in Dutch, you can do that.

Some time ago, on Sue's blog I discovered some British World War II diaries which I found fascinating. I found a few more to read on holiday. My favourites are:

These Wonderful Rumours by May Smith. A schoolteacher with a sense of humor, May records the goings on in her family, her school, her village and the country. May loves clothes, is always short of money and is pursued by two beaux: Dougie Dear and Old Friend Freddy, or Faithless Fred, depending on May's mood. Her tone reminded me of the Provincial Lady. Though repetitive, I found the diary fascinating and could not wait to find out if it was going to be Doug or Freddy.

A Very Private Diary by Mary Morris. Mary, who was from Ireland, came to train as a nurse in England in 1939. After qualifying she joined the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, and served in France and Germany. Nurses diaries from WWII are very rare as keeping a diary was forbidden, but Mary kept one anyway. I am so glad she did, as she writes very well.  Though I have read many books about the war this one really brought home the sheer horror that soldiers and nurses went through. 

Back in a while!

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  1. Greetings from another reading gardening cycling sort-of-Dutch here. Enjoy your summer!