Thursday 29 June 2023

Summer break

As you may have guessed I am taking a summer break. I have already been on two short cycling trips, but next week we'll be off to Denmark (taking our bikes on the train to northern Germany), hoping for not-so-hot weather!




My balcony garden is doing really well this summer. We don't own a car and don't live near a garden centre, but fortunately there is a shop nearby that sells organic compost and plants, so this spring we would visit it several times a week, transporting compost bags on my bike or in our shopping trolley. I grew several plants from seed and bought some wonderful annuals at the Arboretum. I also had a mix of seeds for climbers, which must have included a cucumber, as I now have a very vigorous one climbing up the pergola. 

My brother in law made some sturdy containers that are attached to the wall surrounding the balcony. I have planted them with perannials that I know can stand the sun and the wind, and they are doing well.


I am happy to see I'm getting quite a few visitors to my blog these days. If you know any books I should write about please leave a message. Have a great summer!

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