Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Back home again


After a week away we came home to this colourful jungle. I have been using a new seed mix (to attract bees and butterflies) and I am very pleased with it. The sunflowers have surprised me, as the seedlings were very floppy and even needed support, as you can see here:

(I used cups from our favourite coffee place)

And now they look like this:

Sweet peas and morning glory are doing well, passionflowers are racing to the top of the pergola. I also have caterpillars eating the leaves of some shrubs, but, oh well, let's hope they turn into beautiful butterflies!

I hope to get around to posting about a book soon, but this being summer, there are many temptations outside. Maybe another cycling trip . . . I am very pleased to see more people are finding this blog.  Welcome everyone!    


  1. That is looking beautiful and you are feeding the bees - and caterpillars! They all have to live. It just shows what you can achieve with a small space.

  2. It is a lot of hard work (the balcony is on the third floor, with no lift) but I enjoy it very much. One shrub is almost bare now, with some tiny caterpillars hanging by their teeth (or so it seems) to the remaining leaves.