Sunday, 4 April 2021

The Good Life, at a price!

 I always try to find out where the authors of my books lived and what happened to their houses. John Seymour wrote "The Fat of the Land" while living in a house near Woodbridge, Suffolk. He paid a peppercorn rent. Well, you can, or could (the information dates from 2019), rent it now for 1500 pounds per month! Details, including photo's can be found here   


  1. Gosh, that's a lot of money for rent! Lovely cottage though, very pretty and in a good location. How long was Seymour there for, do you know?

    I am sure Sue in Suffolk will know the area and comment more eloquently than me.

    1. I think he lived there for about ten years; in 1964 he moved to Wales.

  2. Haha wat leuk gevonden! Wel jammer dat de authentieke dingen weg zijn. Zoals het houtfornuis enzo. Ik had wel graag foto's willen zien van toen ze er nog woonden .... jij?

  3. Ja! In zijn boek staan alleen de tekeningen van zijn vrouw. Maar het klinkt allemaal nog al gammel...